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Towson • (410) 828-0911
Columbia • (410) 441-3304


To make an appointment in our Annapolis location, please call (410) 224-0121. From the automated menu, press option 2, then press option 2 again. For our Towson location, please call 410-828-0911 and ask for the Internal Medicine/Oncology department.  Phone hours at both locations are Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. 

Consultation appointments are seen in the mornings or early afternoons, Monday through Friday.

Welcome to AVIM - What to expect:  One of our communications coordinators will speak with you on the phone to make the appointment for the initial consultation with one of our specialists. They will carefully go over your questions about AVIM and make sure that you are comfortable with the process.  They can email you a copy of information related to your pet's visit as well as confirmation of the appointment time and date.  When you arrive, you will be greeted by our reception staff. They will check to see  if there may still be any paper work to complete and then have our AVIM "receiving" technician talk with you.   The doctor will meet with you and your pet in one of our examination rooms.  After a careful review of your pet's medical history, physical examination, and discussion with you, a plan of action will be created.  This will include a financial estimate and consent.  Discussions frequently touch upon mutual expectations, patient prognosis, and other concerns of both the attending veterinarian and pet's owner.  This then allows us to pursue appropriate procedures later in the same day or by arrangement for another day.  In some circumstances it is more medically prudent to pursue preliminary  information and testing before doing a more significant medical diagnostic or therapeutic procedure. These can be arranged at a convenient subsequent time.

A pet owner has the ability to complete the following paperwork in an effort to expedite the consultation process:

  • A completed Client Data Sheet, & Patient History Sheet (for patients who have not previously visited AVIM, LLC) 
  • A completed Client and Patient Information Update (for patients who have previously visited AVIM, LLC or any of our umbrella facilities).
  • Patient Referral Form for your family veterinarian to fill out.
  • Copies of medical records including, written medical information, lab and biopsy results, and image reports (x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, CT)
  • Note: Although we are able to have appropriate health care discussions about a pet's medical situation with the primary  referring veterinarian prior to seeing the pet at AVIM, we are unable to discuss a pet's medical care with its owner until we have actually seen the pet. 
  • Medical records can be faxed to the Annapolis office at 410-224-3583 or the Towson office at 410-828-1074.

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